The Tricryptogon

Banny And Lissa
by Dave Lerner

Sorry about the absence. I hope to be back by September 15 October 6, with a full explanation. Or, at least, a decent excuse.

Nicoletta: The Tricryptogon! Also called the gon. A black triangle, symbolizing evil. In the center, one-fourth the size of the black triangle, a white triangle, good surrounded and captured. Each triangle is outlined in red, and red connects the corners of the two triangles, symbolizing the violence and force evil uses to defeat good. If a further background is needed, it is gray, for formless chaos.
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I had received this letter in response to my Clan of the Cats story, on the Clan of the Cats site for July 30 or on my Fan-Art page.

An'yee Qui-aden <> wrote:

I am sure you will receive many of these,
both logical and foaming at the mouth. I'm just going to write
what I'm feeling, which is very resigned.

I have the fortune of being a neuroscientist, a person who investigates brains for a living. I have done some animal testing in my life, on rats, worms, fungi, and mice. I also keep creatures in my own house, turtles and fish, that I treat very kindly. Kindly to the point of spending money out of my own food and housing budget to care for them.

I find no dichotomy in this. There is no joy in recording from the exposed skull of a rat, no pleasure in operating on an animal. I am not a sadist and I always made sure to minimize, if not eliminate, the suffering of the animal in the procedure. We do it out of necessity, since there is no other way to obtain information and cures for diseases. As wonderful as herbal medicine may be, it has yet to come up with workable solutions for Parkinson's or Alzheimers. Animal testing has provided us with answers to a lot of questions that may, we hope, give us the keys to a cure. It is very easy to write about the suffering of animals and turn a blind eye to the suffering of humans.

What worries me most is your signature, which I took as an advocation of violence against the persons and properties of scientist. People who release disease-infected animals into the wild where they have no natural predators are not helping either the animals or mankind. People who threaten the children of scientists and destroy their homes are no better, to me, than anti-abortionists who send graphic, bloody pictures to the children of OB-GYNs. People who blow up buildings in the name of peace only cause a further expenditure of money and a further use of animals. You waste time and data, but you do not stop the research.

I am sure that I will be villified in public on your site, but I am resigned to that fate. When I joined the society for neuroscience, they gave us tips on how to handle being threatened and assaulted by people like you. I'm disappointed, but totally unsurprised. I don't see you providing any other solution...just violence and blind hatred. Perhaps you would be willing to give your body to science and allow us to record from and ablate your brain, to save some animals? Human data is always preferable.


I assure you I do NOT advocate violence against scientists, or any other person. When I sent the message my sig included Lissa's comment about blowing up buildings, from my Banny And Lissa story. This was out of context and completely unrelated to the story. She was advocating blowing up evil monsters.

My mother can hear thanks to a cochlear implant that was developed in large part by experimenting on animals.

I do generally oppose animal testing. However, the so-called "eco-terrorists" make my arguments that much more difficult.

(I had sent a request to swap links)

Deal. *smiles. Your link will remain on my main page 
( until I get back from my 
vacation late august, and will live on forever on my link page. 
Oh, and as longas I'm writeing you- keep up the good work! I'm enjoying 
it a 
whole lot!

I swear upon my storyline, that I shall not change anyone else’s plot 
points, or fix their characters up. I will not over use devices like 
kidnapping (and other less pleasant ones) and I will not make fun of 
Spielberg or George Lucas… well, maybe just a little.
I will stay within the precepts of the world in which I’ve started, 
(allowing of course, for dimension traveling tech/magic.)
My characters will have weaknesses, and will not be better and more 
than everyone else’s’ They will have to learn new things as the story 
progresses. No matter how much they dislike it, they will need help 
other characters.

Willow The Wanderer

Thank you for those kind words. I'm trying to get over a bad cold, and you brightened my day.
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