The Tricryptogon

Banny And Lissa
by Dave Lerner

Sorry about the absence. I hope to be back by September 15 October 6, with a full explanation. Or, at least, a decent excuse.

Elicia aka Arania: I would be more than happy to include your site in my links. The story is enjoyable, I like the characters so far. Thank you for sharing it with me.
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Hello and welcome to my E-ditorial. Look for a new one anywhere from once a week to once a month. I'll try to announce on the page top when a new one has come out. The E-, by the way, is similar to the e- in e-mail.

Do you have an opinion that you want to share with everyone? Well, everyone who reads Banny And Lissa, at least. You can write an E-ditorial! Just follow the following rules. (to the tune of The Yellow Brick Road) Follow the following rules. Follow the following rules. Follow follow follow follow, follow the following rules.

I know some of these rules might be strict, or even arbitrary, but this is my site. If you don't like it, get your own site, and use my name so I get referral credit. A link swap would also be nice.

I look forward to reading your E-ditorials and learning why you are right and everybody else is wrong.

Bring your friends into the Gonspiracy! Tell them about Banny And Lissa and get their eternal gratitude, and a chance to win $10,000 and a Sony DVD Player, because using your friends for your own personal enrichment, and having them owe you for it, is the gonner way!
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