The Tricryptogon

Banny And Lissa
by Dave Lerner

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Notes for Part 1: Ante Up

Chapter 1: The Worthy Ones:

Chapter 2: The Binghamton Little Theatre Troupe:

Chapter 3: Things Take A Turn For The Weird:

Chapter 4: Enter Mr. Fwuzzums And Nicoletta:

Chapter 5: Well, That Explains Everything:

Chapter 6: Right The First Time:

Chapter 7: Toy Story:

Chapter 8: First Night On The Job:

Chapter 9: Hi Ho, Hi Ho:

Chapter 10: Where There's Smoke... :

Chapter 11: ...There's Fire:

Chapter 12: Antonio:

Chapter 13: Lucky 13:

Chapter 14: Going South:

Chapter 15: Allow Me To Explain, Mr. Bond...:

Chapter 16: Join Us, Mr. Bond.:

Chapter 17: What Could Possiby Go Wrong On Friday The Thirteenth?:

Chapter 18: Where Everybody Knows Your Name, And They Want To Eat Your Brains:

Chapter 19: The Decision:

Chapter 20: Knock-Down Drag-out:

Chapter 21: Bustin' Loose:

Chapter 22: Answers And Questions:

Chapter 23: The Physics Of Magic:

Chapter 24: Blooper Reels:

Go to notes for Part 2: New Friends And Old

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